1947-51 Chevrolet Truck Cab - Complete (None Vent Window)

  • AU$13,325.00

  • Ex Tax: AU$12,113.64

Complete Cab

Our 1947-1950 truck bodies are assembled at our plant here in the USA with 100% real steel. The quality and craftsmanship of our Real Steel cabs surpass that of even the originals. We have used modern technology and professional craftsmanship to ensure our cabs are the best available today. These assemblies are manufactured using high-grade steel with modern welding techniques and are EDP coated for rust prevention. If your old cab is to the point of retirement, instead of spending immense amounts of time doing body work. Cost of parts and labour are on the rise, why not just replace it with a BRAND NEW BETTER cab?

These cabs are a special order item and can be built to your specifications. Can include Recessed firewall if required at additional cost.

 Price DOES NOT include US inland freight, Sea freight, clearance costs.  Costs are variable depending on our rate of exchange $AUD/$USD at the time of payment and the time of dispatch to Australia. Additional Australian inland freight charges apply if you require delivery from port of entry to you.  

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