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Real Steel Chevrolet is an established and developing Australian business. It's been created to cater specifically to Chevy Tri Five and now 47-57 chevy pickup enthusiast’s requirements in Australia. We are centrally located in the Hunter Valley area of NSW.  Real Steel Chevs are currently searching the local and American market place to find suppliers of quality Bodies, Panels, Mechanical, Interior, Exterior Restoration and Custom Parts for your Chevy project.

Our goal is to become your preferred supplier of restoration, repair and project parts for Tri Five Chevy and Pickup enthusiasts needs here in Australia. Our intention is to achieve this by offering highest quality parts at best possible prices.

Real Steel Chevrolet is a developing business, our intention is to focus on Tri Five and 47-57 chevy parts.. We have had the opportunity to start on the ground floor. We decided to start our search for parts with suppliers of must have high quality parts to get our supplier network established.

Among the suppliers of parts we considered of suitable quality to satisfy your needs as a Tri Five owner are American companies, Real Deal Steel LLC,  Danchuk Mfg, Ciadella Interiors, Concourse trim, Premier Streetrods, Ridetech and Glide Engineering. We are still searching for quality parts to add to our inventory.


We have a dealer agreement with Real Deal Steel for the supply of complete reproduction 1955 - 1957 Hardtop, Sedan and Convertible bodies including all bolt on and weld in panels. Real Deal’s parts supply are very high standard with reviews supporting this in various hot rodder magazines in the USA.

Their bodies can be delivered at various stages of completion to suit your needs, right from the clipster convertible which utilises your old cowl to a complete hardtop 2 door sedan or convertible body fitted with new doors, quarter panels, trunk lid, deck filler and dash just like the original Chev. You can order it just the way you need it. Your body can be delivered with 55-57 dash and even smoothie firewalls are available to make that RHD conversion a snap. We can also, by special request to the Aussie market, supply any of the bodies as a clipster so you can utilise your original cowl.

Don't start your Chevy dream project with a rusting nightmare. If you compare the cost difference between having your old body repaired or replacing it with a brand new Real Deal Steel body, you won’t think twice about getting yourself a brand new body or clipster from Real Steel Chevrolet to make your project perfect.  Imagine starting your new chevy project at the paint and assembly stage instead of rust repair.      Go Ahead Live The Dream.


Real Steel Chevrolet has a dealer agreement with Danchuk Mfg to supply just about any part you could possibly need for your 1955, 1956 or 1957 Chevrolet. They have manufacturing and supply facilities in Indiana and California USA. Danchuk carry massive stock levels to support their dealer network and the customers they serve.  Why recondition when you can renew cheaper, faster and easier.

Danchuk Mfg has been manufacturing tri five parts to a high standard for many years. Their product range includes thousands of quality items. If you need it for your 55, 56 or 57 Chevy, chances are Danchuk makes it. They take great pride in the quality of their USA made reproduction parts. From the fit of the parts to the finish, they are true quality.



Real Steel Chevs has an agreement with Ciadella Interiors. Ciadella are manufacturers of high quality reproduction interior kits and components.  In conjunction with Ciadella, Real Steel Chevs can supply you with complete interior kits to suit your specific tri five needs. You are able to order your interior to suit the colour of your vehicle in correct period design and trim. Or get them to supply one the many designs from the custom range.

Due to the vast variety available most interior items are special order items.


Real Steel Chevs have recently become an Authorized dealer of Glide Engineering. Glide manufacture seat frames to suit almost any application for your Tri Five or Hot Rod project. Shown is the SP 45 frame with custom contoured foams. This will fit Tri Five from sedan to convertible and nomad. This is a tapered back split bench with arm rest. Requires custom covers but thats what makes your Five different to all the rest. 

Put a Glide in your ride with Real Steel Chevs

CONCOURSE TRIM               

Real Steel Chevs are exclusive dealers in Australia for Concourse Trim Llc. Ken and the boys at Concourse are professionals at restoration of those hard to get stainless trims for your Tri Five project. the trims can be supplied by Real Steel Chevs in two different finishes. Driver Quality is a good match for your trim on your car if it is in good condition but has not been polished to a high finish. Show Quality is a finish that can only be described as something that looks like it has been dipped in mercury. Dont let your project and new paint job down by using old trim. Let Real steel Chevs and Concourse Trim put life in your rest with a set of OEM Stainless trims. These trims are factory restored pieces and would be suitable for concourse restoration projects.

Concourse Trim and Real Steel Chevs will get you the right stuff for your Chevy.


Ridetech are manufacturers of leading edge suspension equipment for all makes and models. The Tri Five air bag and coil over kits are exceptional. Kits are designed to bolt in with no or atleast little mods to your chassis.


Real Steel Chevs are sole dealer of premiers bodies and parts in australia and New Zealand. Premier are manufacturers of 1947 -1959 chevy pickup bodies. The bodies are reproduced with a high level of accuracy for fit and finish. dont struggle with old sheet metal when you can get your project on track. avoid the high cost of labour and parts for rust repair. Go straight from chassis to paint with the confidence that you will not be redoing old rust repairs and paintwork a couple of years down the track.